Welcome to R2 IMAGE LLC

R2 Image LLC is a research and development company that dedicates to the following areas:
(1) Deep learning for computer vision: face recognition, cancer detection, scene colorization and classification;
(2) Biometrics for human identification: multispectral face recogniotn, multimodal biometrics;
(3) Multispectral image fusion and colorization: night vision colorization and enhancement;
(4) Medical analysis: computer-aided cancer detection, glaucoma detection;
(5) Image processing, machine learning, pattern recognition;
(6) Bio-inspired image analysis, computer vision.

R2 Image LLC also provides consulting services in
(a) Computer network design and management;
(b) Website design and web-based applicaiton development;
(c) Security, surveillance applications using network cameras and thermal cameras.

Please feel free to contact us for business or collaboration.

R2 Image LLC (MS, USA) WELCOME Customer@R2Image.com